Tuesday 16 October 2018

Tim's Tubular Plotter

Decided to make a plotter that would draw and engrave tubular things like cups and glass beakers.

This blog is work in progress.

I have a web site as well: Tim's Place


  1. Hi Tim,
    I wrote a comment for yt.
    I am very interested in your project since I am starting a bottle recycling project in my commune and it would be great to be able to draw pictures of the final product.
    I have acquired a CNC3018 with which I will make some parts that I will need and I am engineering them to be able to use it to mark the bottles so that the cut comes out cleaner.

    Happy to receive your help and step by step to replicate your machine here.

    1. Just so that I have it correct, you currently have one of these?

      If this is the case, then have you thought of making an attachment for it instead.
      Would you prefer that?

      This is best picture I could find to try and show the idea.

    2. If that's correct, I have that machine.

      It is the first time that I have one of those and I have only been testing the laser, I do not know its full potential.

      But in principle my idea is to use it for everything: mark the bottle, heat the area to be cut, draw and build its base or lid (for example to create a bottle)

      Do you think the CNC3018 can be used to draw on glass?

    3. I think it could be modified or an attachment could be made.
      It would save some work as all the electric are there already.
      There would be several ways to do it, but some of the questions I need ask should not be public.
      If you go to the link top right of this blog, "Tim's blog place" on that Blog there is a contact form which has a box for your email. Remind me what its about in the message, then I can email private questions.